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February 3rd, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie


This smoothie was an instant hit – it actually tastes like liquid chocolate covered strawberries! It is SO good … I had saved some for later, but that was devoured within seconds of taking the photo. (Hey! The kids can’t be the only ones who get to enjoy!)

The superfood and cacao I like to use:

And, in case you’re wondering what supplements I hide:


January 29th, 2012

Super Smoothies

We recently did a 3-day Raw Food diet (not a lose-weight diet, just to change things up and try to cleanse). One of the things we LOVED from it was the first day’s smoothie – a peanut butter-banana smoothie. While I won’t recommend this particular raw diet (we actually gained weight on it), we really enjoyed several of the recipes and plan to use some of them in the future. As usual, I ended up changing the smoothie recipe a bit to suit our taste. Yesterday morning, I decided to try something new – which turned out to be a huge hit!┬áSo, I thought I would share these two smoothie recipes with you. Enjoy!


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