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September 9th, 2010

Back-to-School Guide: Sunscreen


Just because they’re going back to school, that doesn’t mean you should skip the sun protection! It is just as important to protect your little one’s skin from outdoor playtime during and after school as it is for a day at the pool. And protecting their little bodies from harsh chemicals is always a must. Organic sun protection from Soleo Organics (sold by Nature’s Basin) is the answer.

A little of this sunscreen goes a long way! It goes on quick & easy, and doesn’t leave that sticky feeling most do.

The folks at Nature’s Basin get it – selling all the body care products us moms need, with a commitment to quality, organic products.


Using organic skincare products, like sunscreen, save both the environment and our bodies. (See why organic skincare is important for you and for baby.)


Nature’s Basin is also committed to building a company based on supporting mothers that want to be responsible caretakers of our earth, loving care givers for their families and honoring their own core essence of their inner and outer beauty. Based on our own personal experience, we strongly believe that mothers play an important role in building a responsible world while fulfilling their parental obligations. Nature’s Basin is committed to building a company that supports these mothers to have a career while fulfilling their environmental and parental obligations.

Nature’s Basin is run by mothers who are environmentally and health conscious individuals who wanted to offer the finest natural, organic and mineral based beauty products with an exceptional customer service and a hassle-free online shopping experience. We offer free shipping and free returns with full refunds.


Read more about Nature’s Basin here

Get coupon codes & promotions here

Ask the Aesthetician

Join Nature’s Basin on Facebook and Twitter

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this review. We were provided with product for review, but this in no way affects our opinion of this product/company.

September 7th, 2010

Back-to-School Guide: Fashion – BabySoy


I am a HUGE fan of babysoy (as you may already know)! So, when they told me about their new Oh Soy collection, I had to check it out! And I’m glad I did … BabySoy did it again! This collection is an adorable set of illustrated bodysuits, playsuits and shirt. The Oh Soy collection also has pants and knotted hats that go with just about anything. There are even matching reversible burpies and blankets. These folks know what a mom needs!

As always, the clothes are the softest I’ve ever felt. Given the choice between other pants and her new babysoy Oh Soy brown pants, the baby chooses the babysoy. She really knows how to pick the best of the best.

Not only is the reversible hoodie an award-winner (iParenting Media Award), but now their kimono bodysuit has been deemed award-worthy (PTPA Media Award) as well!


Buying clothing for your tot (newborn – 4t) from babysoy saves the environment and money. Not only is their clothing some of the most environmentally-friendly you’ll find, but it is so reasonably priced you’ll wonder why they aren’t sold in stores everywhere!


Babysoy is the 1st company in the world to use soybean protein fiber to create a soft and natural newborn wardrobe. The eco-friendly fiber uses leftover non-gmo soybean pulp from tofu and/or soymilk production as raw material for the fiber. Babysoy’s layette line promotes a green environment by reducing and recycling while bundling babies in the softest eco clothing and accessories. Each piece is designed by co-founder Amy Liang and tested with her daughter for comfort, style, and ease to dress.


Read more about babysoy on their website.

Join babysoy on Facebook.

See how babysoy cares here.

See their awards here or here.

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. We were provided with items of clothing for a fair/honest review. This in no way affects our opinion of this product/company.

June 23rd, 2010

Designer on a Budget

If you are anything like me, you love designer duds for yourself, hubs, and kiddos. And if you’re anything like me you can’t afford them full-price, or even the so-called “sale” price. I have collected a list of sites that are top-notch for buying designer on a budget. All these sites feature sales of a particular brand or product for a set period of time. The popular products or sizes go fast, so signing up for the email list is essential to getting to the deals fast.

Without further ado:




Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. This is a collection of sites that we use in real life and wanted to share our knowledge with our readers.
June 17th, 2010

gDiapers Deal

It’s no secret that I think gDiapers are the best diapers ever made! (I’m not even paid to say that.) So, I’m going to push them on you one more time (for now anyway).

1. They’re cute. I mean C-U-T-E. No worries if you don’t have a bloomer for under that dress – you won’t mind these showing underneath. Heck, you may even want to show off how adorably environmentally responsible your little is!
2. They’re biodegradable. In less than 60 days these dipes are back to mother Earth. Which leads to …
3. They’re compostable! Compost your wets to enrich your garden’s soil.
4. They’re flushable. Yes – that’s right! Flushable! No more stinky nursery.

And if that’s not enough, they just created flushable gWipes! Prefer cloth? No problem, they make those too.

And now through Sunday, June 20, 2010 save 20% with code gdad20.

Oh and one more thing: I have $2 off coupons for the first 20 people to comment. Go!

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. As a fan of gDiapers, I have chosen to share my love by being a gMum. In doing so, I am provided with coupons to give away to people and stores. If you are interested in becoming a gMum or gDad, you can learn more here.

June 4th, 2010

Pampers: Full of Sh*t

If you have read my blog for more than a second, you’re probably aware that I am anti-disposable diapers (unless they are biodegradable). So, I am being perfectly honest about my bias right up front. Nevertheless, I know many people who have or do use Pampers diapers on their children. Maybe this will convince them to change their diapering ways:

Parents are reporting chemical burns and rashes on their baby’s bottoms from the new Pampers Dry-Max diapers. Pampers refuses to recall the diapers, citing parents’ improper care for the babies’ burns and rashes.

From the Pampers website:

Q: What is Pampers with Dry Max?

Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers with Dry Max is our new high performance diapers and is the biggest innovation to Pampers in 25 years. Our Pampers team is especially excited about the new product as the development of the Dry Max technology is the result of more than a decade of research and testing involving more than 20,000 babies, including many “tests” in our own homes. These hard working Pampers with Dry Max diapers are thinner than before, and Pampers’ driest ever as they help lock in wetness.

Q: What are the materials in Pampers with Dry Max?

The new Pampers with Dry Max is made of the same types of materials that have been used in diapers for many years. The absorbent core is primarily composed of an acquisition layer containing pulp-based fibers and a storage core containing a super absorbent gelling material (a common polyacrylate). This super absorbent gel, which is used in most disposable diapers, are the small beads that turn into a gel-like material in order to hold the large amount of liquid. This has been shown to be non-irritating, safe for skin and even safe if ingested. The absorbent core also includes a touch of fragrance inside, to help mask the smell of urine and BM.

The rest of the diaper is primarily composed of Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE), soft synthetic materials commonly used in applications ranging from clothing to housewares to food packaging, as well as Lycra, a latex-free elastic. Combining these materials helps to create diapers that comfortably fit and work. In addition, the diaper contains lotion, a cosmetic ingredient to help maintain the baby’s skin health.

And my personal favorite …

Q: How can a disposable diaper be better for the environment? How are your Dry Max diapers better for the environment?

At Pampers, we’re committed to continually improving our products to reduce our impact on the environment. To reduce environmental impact through the past 20 years, we’ve decreased our product weight by one-third and packaging weights by two-thirds. Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers with Dry Max is one step in our journey in creating more sustainable products. Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max provides trusted Pampers protection, while containing 10 percent less material weight than before, which means fewer resources are used. If every Pampers mom switched to Pampers with Dry Max, together they could throw away the weight of a billion less diapers every three years (compared to using previous Swaddlers/Cruisers, based on 08/09 volume for Swaddlers/Cruisers).

I want to personally address a few of Pampers’ statements:

The absorbent core also includes a touch of fragrance inside, to help mask the smell of urine and BM.

Not all babies can tolerate “a touch of fragrance” and this shouldn’t be allowed in ANY diaper, in my opinion. Both my children have sensitive skin and the youngest breaks out in rashes just from being close to someone with perfume on! I am sure you know someone like that, too. Babies have such sensitive systems, anyway – why should the companies that parents trust to manufacture products for their little ones be allowed to use unnatural dyes and fragrances in their products?

The rest of the diaper is primarily composed of Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE), soft synthetic materials commonly used in applications ranging from clothing to housewares to food packagingIn addition, the diaper contains lotion, a cosmetic ingredient to help maintain the baby’s skin health.

In case you are wondering, Polypropylene and Polyethylene are essentially plastics. They failed to mention that these materials are also used for auto parts and industrial fibers. But at least they put lotion on top of that plastic, right?

Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max provides trusted Pampers protection, while containing 10 percent less material weight than before, which means fewer resources are used. If every Pampers mom switched to Pampers with Dry Max, together they could throw away the weight of a billion less diapers every three years

While I can certainly appreciate that they are doing a little (and I do mean little) something to reduce the impact, they aren’t doing enough! With all the knowledge that there is out there about what is happening to our environment, why even make a diaper that isn’t biodegradable? They claim that their diapers are better for the environment – better than what? And while the plastic products inside these diapers are recyclable, they sit in landfills taking centuries to degrade.

I do not use Pampers diapers, and I never will. I have not experienced the issues that other parents are reporting. But I am disappointed that Pampers is placing all the onus on the parents and refusing to take a second glance at how they could improve their diapers. Pampers and other diaper companies just aren’t doing enough, in my opinion, to make diapers that are better for both babies and the environment.

If you use Pampers diapers with Dry-Max, and your baby has experienced any burns or rashes OR if you are just disgusted at the lack of healthy innovation, you can do one of several things:

  1. Join the Facebook Group to bring back the old diaper technology here
  2. Learn more about boycotting Pampers here
  3. Contact Pampers directly via website email or phone (1-800-726-7377)
  4. Report Pampers to the USCPSC here

Do your own research, form your own opinion. Take action. It is time for our children’s bottoms and their future world to both be protected. There is just no excuse!

April 26th, 2010

What to Sew When You’re Expecting by Leigh Ann Tennant of The Object Project

One of my go-to blogs for crafty inspiration is The Object Project. Leigh Ann Tennant is amazing crafty and I was thrilled that she offered a guest post when I tweeted my need for help over the coming weeks. Leigh Ann also has an Etsy shop, Strawberry Truffle, where you can purchase her lovely patterns and books. You should definitely check it out!


Finding out you’re carrying a child is the perfect time to begin learning how to sew or sharpen the stitching skills you already have! If you start in your first month, by the end of your pregnancy, you’ll have become a semi-seasoned seamstress and will have tons of homemade goodies to welcome your child into the world!

Here’s a sample stitching schedule to keep you on track, starting with easy projects and progressing to more intermediate things to try when you’ve become comfortable behind your machine.

Month 1: Burp Cloths
Simple rectangles- easy peasy. You can finish several of these in one sitting.

Month 2: Bibs
Coordinate fabrics with your burp cloths for fashionable feedings!

Month 3: Receiving Blankets
Make these out of snuggly flannel for cozy swaddling.

Month 4: Washable Breast Pads
Simple little circles. Saves tons of money and waste for the nursing mom!

Month 5: Belly Buddy
Fill a fabric rectangle with rice to warm and lay on baby’s tummy to soothe gassiness or colic.

Month 6: Changing Pad
An easy project to make changes on the go as quick and clean as possible!

Month 7: Laundry Bag
You’ll be surprised at the amount of dirty laundry such a tiny little body can generate! Make the task a little more pleasant with a bag in a pretty print.

Month 8: Baby Quilt
If you’ve never quilted before, take this opportunity to try your hand at this ageless art.

Month 9: Diaper Bag
These can be as simple or custom as you like. There are a lot of great patterns out there for tote bags that will allow you to carry all baby’s necessities in style! Look for one designed by yours truly in an upcoming issue of Sew Hip Magazine!

At your first pre-natal visit you may be shocked to learn that most women carry a child for 40 weeks. That adds up to 10 months- not the traditionally thought of 9. Use these extra weeks to create nursing pillow covers, wash cloths and hooded towels, play mats or even economical cloth diapers!

Fabric designer, author, and mother of 6 (yes 6!) Anna Maria Horner has a second book, Handmade Beginnings, due out May 3. This book will include patterns and instructions for 24 baby projects designed by a mom definitely in the know! It promises to be the perfect starting point for your maternal stitching journey!

Whether you sew up tons of baby goods or just one project, creating something for your child by hand allows you to give him or her more that just a bib or a blanket. It enables you to pass on a legacy of creativity that will be a part of their lives for years to come

Now Available!
sewExpecting: 20 Simple Projects for the New Mom and Beginning Seamstress!

Take a look and Purchase at

April 24th, 2010

Fashionable Organic Nursery Bedding Guide by Esther of BuyModernBaby

I ran across this site on Twitter not too long ago and instantly fell in love. It was a combination of everything I desire in baby gear – modern, unique, cool, many eco-friendly options. It was like Esther (founder of was inside my mind, putting up every last baby item that makes me go “ooooooh!” Her blog is full of fabulous picks and so I asked her to put something together for y’all. Enjoy!


I had the hardest time finding the perfect crib bedding set when I was first expecting. My modern aesthetic was scarcely represented in the marketplace and I went to store after store trying to describe the type of thing I was looking for to salespeople who looked at me as if I were coming from another planet. No ruffles at all? It can’t be pink or blue? No vehicles or characters whatsoever? Thankfully I found what I was looking for online and was able to complete the vision for my nursery without compromise.

As is the case with many new mothers, once I saw my perfect, pure and precious little boy, I became increasingly committed to green, organic and eco-friendly choices. I want to protect him from harmful chemicals and additives to help keep him, and the world he lives in, healthy and safe. With this perspective, if I had to do things all over again, I would have looked for an organic mattress and organic crib bedding as well. You can imagine how much harder that might have been… to find something that looked great AND was organic!

Well, the choices for modern and organic bedding have multiplied over the past few years. If you’re looking for great looking bedding that you can feel good about, here’s what I recommend:

1) Amenity Home

Amenity Home has a beautiful line of nursery linens. Get the crib package, which includes sheet, bumper insert and cover and a large blanket with your choice of design for $356. Extra sheets are $40 and the crib skirt is $60.

2) Argington

Argington has three sets of organic crib bedding available. Choose the Dinosaur Set, Fish and Pebbles Set or Hearts and Flowers Set. These retail for $185 and include a comforter, bumper, sheet and crib skirt.

3) Serena and Lily

Serena and Lily currently have three organic collections– Hazel, Maggie and Rye. The sets include a sheet, bumper and skirt for $389.

4) Cotton Monkey

Cotton Monkey have nine collections of organic cotton bedding so make sure to check their website to see them all. They sell all the pieces separately, which is perfect for those who do not want to use a bumper. Sheets are $49, blankets are $72, crib skirts retail for $194 and the bumpers with a cover are $299.

5) Q Collection Junior

Q Collection Junior’s Crib sets are called Celestial Parade and retail for $395. The set is available in Roxy (pink) or Sky (blue) and includes a reversible bumper, reversible crib skirt, and two solid sheets. They also sell coordinating patterned sheets.

6) Dwell Studios

Dwell Studios has two sets of organic crib bedding in a natural color. My favorite is Poppy Blossom and the other is Circles. Both retail for $450.

7) Egg by Susan Lazar

There are four bedding sets from Egg by Susan Lazar. These sets include sheet, bumper, comforter and crib skirt and retail for $395. Choose Chick (also available in pink), Abstract, or Animal Parade.

April 20th, 2010

Organic Skincare for Baby

While I think it is important for Mom to have an organic skincare regiment (see why), it is even moreso for your babe. It is crucial that your little one’s precious skin steer clear of harmful chemicals as long as possible!

You breastfeed because you think it is better for your baby. You pick them up when they’re going to fall. You teach them “hot” and “danger” to prevent injury. You hold their hand when you cross the street.

You do all these things to protect your precious little babe – so why not include organic skincare too?

I gave Little Twig a try after our other “natural” baby wash was still causing eczema. After just one week of using the Extra Mild Unscented Baby Wash and Extra Mild Unscented Bodymilk her eczema was almost completely gone! Now, after regular use, flare-ups are almost non-existant. It is so gentle that even if it accidently gets in her eyes, she barely flinches – a simple rinse with water and good as new.

The Mini Gift Set comes with an adorable wash cloth embroidered with a bumble bee. It comes packaged nicely and would make a great baby shower gift!

The lovelies at Little Twig even list the ingredients of each and every product right there on the site; and they have this page to tell you more about what’s in their products. And these folks are fabulous greenies! Read about how they help your family and the future of our plantet here.

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. We were sent products to try for review, but this in no way affects our opinon of this company/product.

March 31st, 2010

Best Baby Organics Monkey Pants Giveaway

Did you read my Spring Fashion Guide?

Remember this post about my (and baby’s) new favorite pants? Well, the lovelies at Best Baby Organics are giving Hurried Homemaker readers a special discount and they’re giving a pair of monkey pants away to one of you!

Best Baby Organics is a family-owned, eco-conscious, customer-friendly company – the kind I LOVE (and I’m sure you do too)! They have a ton of great affordable, eco-friendly products for you and your little one.


Save 10% on anything with code “hhmpromo”

All orders over $35 will ship for FREE


We are giving away a pair of monkey pants for one of our readers, thanks to Best Baby Organics.

Giveaway ends April 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm (EST). Winner will be chosen by Winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Good luck!


Go to Best Baby Organics and leave a comment telling me what your favorite pair of Monkey Pants is and your little one’s size. Be sure to enter your email address where requested.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (leave a comment for each):

  • Follow me on Google FriendConnect – 1 extra entry
  • Subscribe to the Hurried Homemaker blog via email or reader – 1 extra entry
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  • Subscribe to Best Baby Organics Newsletter
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  • Grab our button (left sidebar) for your blog/site – 3 extra entries
  • Blog about this giveaway. (Be sure to include links to HH & Best Baby Organics) – 3 extra entries
  • Follow @hurriedhomemakr and @bestbabyorganic on Twitter and tweet about this contest (must @mention both) – 1 extra entry (Tweet once per day, must have over 50 followers.)

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post in any way. We did recieve product for our review post, but that has no impact on our opinion of this product.

March 18th, 2010

Spring Fashion Guide: Best Baby Organics Monkey Pants

Springtime is the perfect time for a loose, comfy pant for your little one. Whether they’re crawling or running, you will love these perfect little smooth cotton (formaldehyde-free!) pants for your babe.

The Japanese Monkey Pants from Best Baby Organics are one of the cutest ways I can think of to cover your tot’s tush! These little smiley-bum pants are perfect for play! We pair ours with a simple white organic cotton tee and some cute shoes and get so many “Oh how adorable!” comments. (Of course that could be just about the babe …)

Lil’bit perks up when I say, “Let’s put on our happy bum pants!” She loves to run to the mirror and look over her shoulder at the smiley face across her adorable little tush! As you know, we are big fans/users of the gDiaper, which is a bulkier diaper. The Monkey Pants have plenty of room in the rear, whereas many other pants are snug over them (unless you go up a size).

The Monkey Pants come in a great variety of colors/color-combinations as well as 4-piece sets.

Best Baby Organics provided a pair of Monkey Pants for lil’bit to try our in order for the Hurried Homemaker to do a review. This in no way affected our opinion of this product.

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