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July 31st, 2013 by Rhiana

Introducing …

I have started 2 other new blogs. I am seriously considering combining them all into 1, but for now I decided to make things complicated. ;)

Below is the sort-of “landing page” for all 3 of my blogs now (click on the image to view in browser). I am still getting started, but hope that you will enjoy them!

September 24th, 2012 by Rhiana

Kid Rewards

We do not give our kids an allowance or reward for doing “chores” around the house. Matter of fact, we rarely even use that word. It is our opinion that our kids should participate in the upkeep of the home because, well, they live here too. We feel that we are teaching our kids to contribute to the running of a home – and this will serve them well as they have roommates and, eventually, spouses. Each kid has different responsibilities that they have to take care of. They also have several that we require that they do together, as a team.

We also do not reward for “good” behavior. We feel that if you only behave to earn a reward, you aren’t doing it for the right reasons. We strive to raise our kids to WANT to do the right thing, and to do it. No reward needed.

That being said, we DO like to reward for above-and-beyond help and exceptionally helpful behavior. Sometimes it is just a “Thank you so much for your extra work this week. We really noticed it and it was awesome to have all that extra help! You rock!” Sometimes, we grab a frozen yogurt and tell them how thankful we are over a sweet treat. And sometimes, it is a $5 gift card to Target.

The gift card is definitely one of my favorites! I always keep two on hand and love to see their faces light up when I dole them out. Even more fun? Watching them trying to choose how to spend their precious $5! And, of course, it is awesome to see math skills at work in a real life situation.

What is your special way of thanking your kids?


This post is not sponsored by Target. However, it is fully endorsed by my kids – who have just successfully chosen some cool toys with their recent aquisition of a $5 Target gift card each.

December 11th, 2011 by Rhiana

Holiday GIVING Guide

I decided that I will not bore everyone with the typical Holiday Gift Guide this year. So, instead I am going to give you a Holiday GIVING Guide. What do I mean by that? Well, the holidays are a great time to remember how blessed we all are and to GIVE to those less fortunate. If you’re reading this, you most likely have a computer or smartphone … which means that you are probably cozy and warm in your house/apartment, in your cute PJs/sweats, nibbling on a snack and drinking a good cup of tea/coffee/wine. This means that you have A LOT more than many. There are children in foster care that will not get gifts for Christmas this year. There are parents who will give up a Christmas meal just to buy their child a small gift. There are people who have no home, no warm coat, nothing compare to what we have. And so I have compiled a list of organizations that, with your help, can assist those in need this year. There are probably lots of local organizations that you can find as well, but these are nationwide.

FEEDING AMERICA - search for your local Food Bank

US DEPT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES – find your local adoption and foster care agency

SALVATION ARMY ANGEL TREE PROGRAM – Salvation Army has also partnered with JC Penney to make buying gifts for your angel easier!

HOMELESS SHELTER DIRECTORY – contact your local homeless shelter to see how you can help

This is a great start for helping someone in need … if you know of any other great resources for Hurried Homemaker readers, please be sure to share them in the comments!

Happy Holidays!


May 12th, 2011 by Rhiana

Summer Reading Programs for Kids & Parents

The summer before our oldest was going into kindergarten, she expressed a BIG interest in reading. Never having taught someone to read before, we were at a loss as to what to do. Lucky for us, a college nearby was hosting a reading program for different age groups, beginning with 4yo and rising kindergarteners. And so we signed up.

It was a 5 or 6 week program. We spent maybe 2 hours on a Saturday morning there. They provided the materials and a cd. We showed up, paid attention, and practiced during the week. After the class and continued practice, she was reading before she ever went to kindergarten. She was 4 years old. Not only did the class help us work with her, but it sparked in her a love of reading that she continues to possess today.


I hope that if you, or someone you know, has a little one that wants to read – or even an older child that needs or wants help with reading and reading comprehension – you will check out the Institute of Reading Development website and find a class near you. No matter how hurried you may be, the few hours of work that this takes have a lifetime of positive results!

Hurried Homemaker was in no way compensated for this post.

April 18th, 2011 by Rhiana

Tea Collection – Not Just for Kids!

One of my favorite brands for my kids is definitely Tea Collection! Matter of fact, Tea makes up somewhere between 1/2 – 2/3 of my 2yo’s wardrobe. It is stylish, unique, and well-made. So, when Tea approached me about reviewing something from their Women’s Spring Collection, I was thrilled! I had never thought about buying Tea for me … I never left the pages of kid clothes! How had I not shopped their women’s line?

First off, their customer service is AWESOME! I am probably one of the pickiest people in the world about customer service, and yet they WOWed me from the beginning. I was unsure of what size to buy and the lovely lady at Tea walked me through each garment I had chosen to help me select the right size for me. She was patient, kind, and a great salesperson (I ended up buying an additional piece that wasn’t included in my gift certificate).

I chose the Modernista Tee in 2 different colors, and added on the Hojas del Mar Tunic. The tees are a cool dolmen style and are so soft that my husband couldn’t stop rubbing my back when I wore one the other day (no complaints here). The best part about these is that they go with everything! I’ve worn them with yoga pants and tennis shoes; jeans, a beaded necklace, and a pair of sandals; and even slacks, nice jewelry, and high heels. I am a lover of the tunic-style, so the Hojas del Mar was the perfect item to add to my wardrobe. I wore it for the first time at our anniversary dinner in Disney World – it was comfy, cute, and fun.

Tea has added a few cool spring dresses that I have my eye on, too. There is one thing that I wish they had, but didn’t … wide-leg trousers. All their pants were of the skinny variety, and I don’t love that style.

And, although I was only asked to write about Women’s, I will add that they have the cutest summer dresses for girls right now – under $30! [I just ordered some for each of my girls.] Have boys? No worries! Tea has some great new arrivals for boys, too!

Hurried Homemaker was provided with a gift certificate to purchase items of my choosing to review. While some of the products mentioned in this post were received for free, this did not affect the opinions reflected in this post.

March 25th, 2011 by Rhiana

“Wii” Love Country Dance

About two weeks ago, I got an invitation to check out the premier of Country Dance for Wii here in Nashville. The invite was noted for “media and industry” so, naturally, I asked about bringing the hub (a singer/songwriter, performer, and record exec) and my kids. Luckily, it was cool. So …

The next week, I loaded the girls up and headed into town to pick up the hubs. We made the short drive over to the Country Music Hall of Fame to check out this new game.

Keep in mind, we do did not own a Wii (more on this in a minute). But the kiddo had played at friends’ houses (since pretty much all of them have one). I just have never been convinced why we needed to own one.

First off, it was a small and intimate presentation with demonstrations by girls who make a mom of 2 try to remember the last time she could wear jeans that tight (and look good in them). It looked like lots of fun, but then again those girls would make anything look fun – the question was, could I do it?

Then, they got the kiddo up to try it out with the PR gal and 2 other volunteers. She did great and then asked me to join in on the next one. I reluctantly agreed. But the baby had other plans – crying for Mommy. And so, I did it … while holding my 2 yo.

Um … Best. workout. in a LONG. time. No joke. (And I only partially say that because I was holding the babe.)

Not only was it a terrific workout, but it was a BLAST! We ALL had so much fun.

They gave us a free copy of the game and we left. What did I do? Dropped the hubs back off at his office, took the kids to Target, and yes … I bought a Wii. Seriously.

I play by myself after the kids have gone to bed as my “workout”. I have seriously already lost a little weight and have begun toning – just from this game!

Here’s a quick video out about the game:

It is LOADS of FUN (and I’m not just saying that because I got a free copy of the game)! It will be available March 29, 2011 in stores – and WalMart will carry a special copy with a bonus track (Alan Jackson’s “Good Time”).


  • Songs are great – everything from “Achy Breaky Heart” to “Cowboy Casanova”
  • Songs are ranked with 1-3 stars for difficulty level
  • Lyrics are displayed so you can sing along
  • Up to 4 players can “compete”

Learn more on the Country Dance Facebook page or by following Country Dance on Twitter.

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. We did receive a free game, but this is no way affected or swayed our opinions.

January 11th, 2011 by Rhiana

Calendars and Apps and Sites, oh my!

Did you know that January is National Organizational Month? Makes sense, considering all the New Years Resolutions made to “get organized this year”. I have always had a hard time getting organized. I even enlisted the help of a professional organizer (remember?). Well, now that I learned the basics of getting organized, I have found my house and life to run much more smoothly.

I thought I would take a moment to share with you my favorite organizational tools. Keep in mind that I am no expert, just a mom. The info I am offering are just from my own trial and error. As I post my favorite tips, I hope you will share the tips that work for you by commenting or linking your own posts.


I have used both the MomAgenda and the Franklin Covey planning systems. I must admit that I love both.

  • MomAgenda is currently having a sale for 35% off AND an additional 10% off if you “like” their Facebook page.
  • Many of the Franklin Covey products are currently on sale right now, too!


I love cooking, but often take longer to figure out what I’m making or making a grocery list than it actually takes to cook it. I love 2 particular iPhone apps for planning meals and making lists:

  • Epicurious – this app makes it easy to search for new recipes, then you can add them to your favorites and/or shopping list. Once you’ve gathered your recipes in the shopping list, tap “create list” and there is your shopping list! Perfection.
  • Grocery IQ – perfect for when you already know what you’re making, this allows you to divide your list up by section and store. I use it for the grocery store, Costco, Target, and home improvement stores. This app also tracks your spending on each item and totals your list for you so you can estimate your total cost.


My absolute favorite website for keeping track of our finances is It is FREE and allows you to enter all your checking and savings accounts, mortgages, debts (credit cards, student loans, etc), IRAs, etc. It will also offer suggestions on how to save money based on your spending. And, of course, “there’s an app for that”.

Hurried Homemaker was in no way compensated for this post.

December 3rd, 2010 by Rhiana

Calling all Knitters: Fabulous Pattern Giveaway



* * *

I am pleased to offer this giveaway, courtesy of Rasmilla. My little one has enjoyed wearing this as a dress and as she grows, it will become a top. Head on over to the Hurried Homemaker Facebook Page to enter. Not on Facebook? Just leave a comment below!

Good Luck!

August 7th, 2010 by Rhiana

Rushing into Fall: Hurried Homemaker’s Back-to-School Guide

As the school year dies down in May, summer seems like it will last an eternity. As we all know, it actually rushes by and before we know it we’re hastily gathering school supplies and packing lunches. I’ve found a few things that will make it more pretty, more fun, and more healthy. I look forward to sharing these goodies with you over the next few posts and I hope you will love them as much as I do!

June 27th, 2010 by Rhiana

Organizing Consultation Giveaway

Getting organized is important to every mom I know. Staying organized is a challenge for every mom I know. GiGi at Vision Organizing has been helping me get my house in order so that I can finally feel like things aren’t so chaotic.

I had no idea when I quit working that keeping a home, a family, a life organized would be such a challenge for me. I had always worked. The house seemed to just run itself. Only it wasn’t … we were just burying it all. I’m paying for it now. Clutter, chaos, and craziness have ruled my house long enough. I’m taking control, thanks to GiGi.

GiGi is full of great ideas for everyone -no budget to tiny budget, she is quick to provide a solution or set of solutions tailored just for your needs.

If you want to take back control, or just need a little refresher course on getting it all together, this giveaway is for you.

Win a 1-hour phone/email organization consultation with Vision Organizing!

how to enter

giveaway is from june 28, 2010 to july 29, 2010 (10pm) – winner will be chosen randomly


Leave a comment telling what you need help managing and why.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (leave a comment for each):

  • Show us a picture of your space that needs help (leave a link in the comment)
  • Follow me on Google FriendConnect
  • Subscribe to the Hurried Homemaker blog via email or reader
  • Click on the “Top Mommy Blog” icon on the sidebar to vote for HH
  • “Like” Hurried Homemaker on Facebook
  • “Like” Vision Organizing on Facebook
  • Refer a friend – have them include your name in parentheses with their 1st entry
  • Follow @hurriedhomemakr and @organizer on Twitter and tweet I entered to win an organizing consultation with @organizer on @hurriedhomemakr –

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. We were provided with an organizing session to provide a review, but this in no way affects our opinion of this service.

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