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June 21st, 2013 by Rhiana

Day of Crazy Parenting (not by me): Part 2 – What Are They Thinking?

We followed up that interesting Costco visit with coming home to find out that the AC went kaput. It wasn’t a shock. Our house was built in the 50′s and it is likely that the AC unit that we have had is from then, as well. We met hubs for dinner before he met up with his bus for the road and I shared the news. Well, he spoils us, so he immediately booked us a room at the Hilton in Downtown Nashville. [They even let us bring our dog!]

We decided to make the most of it! Have a girls’ night out! The kids were thrilled, and honestly I was excited too. So we checked in, showered, turned on the TV. We do not have “regular” TV at home. I mean, we have Netflix and Hulu – so we still can watch stuff – but I am pretty careful about what we spend our time watching. I prefer for it to be educational and/or wholesome entertainement.

So, the kids nodded off and I turned on Lifetime. OMG. I just wasted 10 minutes of my life watching Pretty Wicked Moms. I couldn’t watch any more than 10 minutes. What a horrible show! PLEASE tell me this is scripted! No one is really this dense, stuck-up, and self-absorbed … RIGHT?

In the few minutes I could stomach, this Emily/Queen Bee person (who apparently has a look-alike or twin or something that never leaves her side) admitted to rarely taking her kid to school [so little that she couldn't rememember how to get into the building] and almost never picks the child up on time. And upon drop-off (late, mind you) she begs the staff not to tell her husband that she was late … or that she forgot to bring the kid last week. Stellar.

I couldn’t handle more than a few minutes. I was disgusted. This is what we celebrate? Parents so self-absorbed that they can’t be bothered to be on time to pick up their kids from school? So consumed with whatever is going on in that seemingly empty head that they have no respect for other people’s time? And so mind-numbingly shallow that they aren’t concerned with the example they set for their children? Whoever her husband is must be so [insert eye-roll here] proud. Or he’s also just shallow.

Now, maybe I just caught the worst of the show in the 10 minutes that I watched tonight, but I’m guessing the majority of the show is similar. (And I only saw a few minutes, so I could only comment on one of the “characters’.) I am just sad that in America, we are so proud to celebrate poor-to-mediocre parenting … well, as long as it is done by a semi-attractive-plastic-like woman. What are they thinking by putting this crap on TV?

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4 Responses to “Day of Crazy Parenting (not by me): Part 2 – What Are They Thinking?”
  1. We don’t have “regular” tv either. The basic cable channels (to get the couple of networks for local news, etc.) and then use Hulu and Netflix. After reading this – and other comments most nights of the week – I’m kind of glad we don’t have expanded channels. I’d get sucked into watching trash.

    And I’m happy to say that the only tv show that my toddler currently knows is Sesame Street. (He had a double ear infection a couple of months ago and Sesame Street was the only thing that held his attention long enough to keep him in one place so we could, you know, cook dinner, use the bathroom, whatever. We now limit SS to no more than 3 times per week.) I’m just glad that he doesn’t know the other shows. I’d be pretty scared if he ever watched MTV – even by accident.

  2. Sorry to hear about the AC going out, hope you get it fixed soon!

    Regarding the fare on TV: I grew up in a day when we got the three main alphabet networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS) two local PBS stations, and and a handful (4-5) UHF channels. So I think we had 10 to 12 channels, and there were always a lot of great shows to watch.

    Now there are hundreds of various cable channels catering to virtually every interest, yet, I find myself getting bored with much of the current offerings. I only watch a handful of network shows with any regularity, such as Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, the Amazing Race, Vegas (til it was cancelled last month), and I really like Longmire, on A&E, which is fabulous IMO.

    Maybe I’ve become jaded and expect too much. Maybe it’s because the quality of many so-called “reality shows” and even network programs just aren’t up to par these days.

    There are some exceptions however, and I have found that not all of TV is a wasteland. I have a 9 year old son who likes cartoons and other kids shows on Disney, Hub, Nick Jr., Boomerang, etc., yet he also loves to watch history-related shows on networks like the Smithsonian, Nat Geo, History and H2, Animal Planet, Travel, and others. He also likes shows like Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, Survivor Man, How It’s Made, and other informative/educational shows. Perhaps he watches them because mommy and daddy watch them, but some of these shows are very entertaining and educational.

    I guess what’s important is that you monitor and provide reasonable limits on what your kids watch. There are certainly some crummy programs on TV these days, but there are also some very good ones, esp. those that are educationally themed as I pointed out above.

  3. I completely agree! We don’t have “regular” TV for this very purpose – to ensure that our kids are selecting quality programs, educational and wholesome shows. This was my first foray into a show like the one mentioned in my post in years. I was shocked, even though I’ve heard about shows like this. I guess I just wasn’t expecting so much shallowness. Btw – we LOVE most of the shows you mentioned!

  4. It was crazy, Jaime! I couldn’t continue watching, so I have no clue what went on. But the 10 mins I did watch disgusted me. Seeing someone celebrate being an inattentive parent was appalling. I had to turn it off. You are definitely making a great choice in limiting TV! And I was definitely reassured last night that I’ve made the right choice too!

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