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April 3rd, 2013 by Rhiana

Child-led Learning: Animal Journal

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are all about making learning fun around here. Structure, schmucture! My kids are learning and having fun. What a crazy idea, right?
This week, we started a new Journal for the 4yo. She is fascinated with different animals. She recently wanted to learn all about bats and owls. We went online and to the library. She could tell you differnent kinds of bats, and was particularly interested in the ones that actually did drink blood from animals and how it didn’t kill the animal. She went through about four books on owls and loved telling me how she learned that there is are owls that actually are not nocturnal.
Her fascination with different animals is showing no signs of slowing. This week, I thought it would be fun to start keeping track of the animals she studies. And we created this Animal Journal. Like the Wonder Journal, this is a great way for her to practice spelling and writing, while being interested in the subject at hand. She made a list of 12 animals she wants to “investigate” (her words) and we began. We started with the Cheetah. She came up with 5 questions she wanted the answers to, and we read all about cheetahs and then answered her queries. We moved on the next day to Dolphins. I loved her questions: What color are their eyes? Why do they have teeth? How do they stay warm? How are they like humans? Why do their tails go up and down, instead of side to side (like a fish)?
I love that these journals allow for many learning opportunities: reading, writing, research, how to use the internet and library … all while encouraging her to learn what is exciting and interesting to her!
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