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March 16th, 2013 by Rhiana

Child-led Learning: The Wonder Journal

The longer we homeschool, the less structured we get. And that is actually a really good thing! At this point, the kids essentially lead the majority of their learning. My 4yo naturally learned to read and write – because she wanted to. Does she do either perfectly? Um, she’s 4! I think you know the answer. My 11yo is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)¬†girl. But, one thing they both share is their love of learning.

Several months ago, I noticed two words that are repeated by both girls a lot: “I wonder …”

These two words prompted me to begin what is now, essentially, the basis for our little “school”. Each of the girls has their very own Wonder Journal, created just for them. The idea is simple: write down everything you “I wonder …” about. Then? Get to exploring! We read, watch videos, and Google until their “wonder” is satisfied.

What kinds of things are in our Wonder Journals?

  • 4yo recently wondered how plastic is made. We read about plastic. We watched videos on plastic being made. We made our own plastic. Then? We learned about recylcing plastic.
  • 11yo recently wondered how engines are made. She researched different kinds of engines for three days. She is currently building her own.

The kids write in their Wonder Journal any time of day or night that they experience that “I wonder …” thought. When they get the urge to explore one of their wonders, they do (which is usually daily). Then, they record what they’ve learned. Bonus – this helps with writing, sentence structure, etc.


How to make a Wonder Journal:

  • 1″ white binder
  • notebook paper (I printed practice handwriting lines for the little one, but used regular notebook paper for the oldest)
  • your own little creative cover

It is so easy and fun!

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