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March 25th, 2011 by Rhiana

“Wii” Love Country Dance

About two weeks ago, I got an invitation to check out the premier of Country Dance for Wii here in Nashville. The invite was noted for “media and industry” so, naturally, I asked about bringing the hub (a singer/songwriter, performer, and record exec) and my kids. Luckily, it was cool. So …

The next week, I loaded the girls up and headed into town to pick up the hubs. We made the short drive over to the Country Music Hall of Fame to check out this new game.

Keep in mind, we do did not own a Wii (more on this in a minute). But the kiddo had played at friends’ houses (since pretty much all of them have one). I just have never been convinced why we needed to own one.

First off, it was a small and intimate presentation with demonstrations by girls who make a mom of 2 try to remember the last time she could wear jeans that tight (and look good in them). It looked like lots of fun, but then again those girls would make anything look fun – the question was, could I do it?

Then, they got the kiddo up to try it out with the PR gal and 2 other volunteers. She did great and then asked me to join in on the next one. I reluctantly agreed. But the baby had other plans – crying for Mommy. And so, I did it … while holding my 2 yo.

Um … Best. workout. in a LONG. time. No joke. (And I only partially say that because I was holding the babe.)

Not only was it a terrific workout, but it was a BLAST! We ALL had so much fun.

They gave us a free copy of the game and we left. What did I do? Dropped the hubs back off at his office, took the kids to Target, and yes … I bought a Wii. Seriously.

I play by myself after the kids have gone to bed as my “workout”. I have seriously already lost a little weight and have begun toning – just from this game!

Here’s a quick video out about the game:

It is LOADS of FUN (and I’m not just saying that because I got a free copy of the game)! It will be available March 29, 2011 in stores – and WalMart will carry a special copy with a bonus track (Alan Jackson’s “Good Time”).


  • Songs are great – everything from “Achy Breaky Heart” to “Cowboy Casanova”
  • Songs are ranked with 1-3 stars for difficulty level
  • Lyrics are displayed so you can sing along
  • Up to 4 players can “compete”

Learn more on the Country Dance Facebook page or by following Country Dance on Twitter.

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. We did receive a free game, but this is no way affected or swayed our opinions.

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One Response to ““Wii” Love Country Dance”
  1. Stephanie says

    I have to have this!!!! We’ve been waiting for them to put out a country one!!!!! I’m so excited to hear how good it is and Sugarland sells it for me :)

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