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January 11th, 2011 by Rhiana

Calendars and Apps and Sites, oh my!

Did you know that January is National Organizational Month? Makes sense, considering all the New Years Resolutions made to “get organized this year”. I have always had a hard time getting organized. I even enlisted the help of a professional organizer (remember?). Well, now that I learned the basics of getting organized, I have found my house and life to run much more smoothly.

I thought I would take a moment to share with you my favorite organizational tools. Keep in mind that I am no expert, just a mom. The info I am offering are just from my own trial and error. As I post my favorite tips, I hope you will share the tips that work for you by commenting or linking your own posts.


I have used both the MomAgenda and the Franklin Covey planning systems. I must admit that I love both.

  • MomAgenda is currently having a sale for 35% off AND an additional 10% off if you “like” their Facebook page.
  • Many of the Franklin Covey products are currently on sale right now, too!


I love cooking, but often take longer to figure out what I’m making or making a grocery list than it actually takes to cook it. I love 2 particular iPhone apps for planning meals and making lists:

  • Epicurious – this app makes it easy to search for new recipes, then you can add them to your favorites and/or shopping list. Once you’ve gathered your recipes in the shopping list, tap “create list” and there is your shopping list! Perfection.
  • Grocery IQ – perfect for when you already know what you’re making, this allows you to divide your list up by section and store. I use it for the grocery store, Costco, Target, and home improvement stores. This app also tracks your spending on each item and totals your list for you so you can estimate your total cost.


My absolute favorite website for keeping track of our finances is It is FREE and allows you to enter all your checking and savings accounts, mortgages, debts (credit cards, student loans, etc), IRAs, etc. It will also offer suggestions on how to save money based on your spending. And, of course, “there’s an app for that”.

Hurried Homemaker was in no way compensated for this post.

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7 Responses to “Calendars and Apps and Sites, oh my!”
  1. Thanks for the mention, it is appreciated! best, Nina, President momAgenda

  2. By FAR, the hardest thing is the food/dinners…. ugh. Then the financials…
    Thanks for the tip on epicurious… I will check that out!

  3. I am obsessed with Grocery IQ. I honestly can’t remember what I did with out it. I vaguely remember pens? Backs of old envelopes? My other favorite Food/Cooking App is How To Cook Everything. Fantastic.

  4. I wanted to suggest MacGourmet (, a recipe software for Macs. It is a great tool for organizing, planning, shopping and cooking. It syncs with your iPod or iPad, it allows you to build a cookbook, calculate nutritional information, and offers a feature which allows you to clip and store recipes you’ve copied from the web, but don’t have time to format for the software. It is a great tool for any busy mom who loves to cook!

  5. I use too. Good list!

  6. Stef Robins says

    Great list! I use Mint and GroceryIQ a lot, too. Can’t live without them LOL. I also have my own sanity saving mommy apps which include the said apps, WebMD, Intuition and Angry Birds (no kidding!). My current favorite among these is Intuition. It’s tagged as ‘mom’s personal assistant’ and is a task management app for moms. At first I thought it was just your basic to-do list but upon using it, I was surprised that it offers a lot more. What I like about Intuition is that it reminds me, for example, to buy some milk right when I’m near a grocery, so I never forget anything important! It’s easy to use and looks cute plus it’s totally free. Trust me, you’d love it. You can check it out on

  7. Thank you all for the great recommendations of your favorite sites … I will be trying them all soon!

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