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June 1st, 2010 by Rhiana

Home Fashion Guide: Organic Echo


There are a few sites that provide organic home products that I love browsing and shopping regularly. My newest favorite is Organic Echo. This awesome online shop doesn’t just sell home products – they have some of my favorite things for baby, kids, mom, and dad! And I am not just saying that …

I mentioned the other day that I would be sharing my finds with you for a Home Fashion Guide, I thought I would share with you some items from Organic Echo that I think are a must-have:

Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets

If you have ever slept on organic cotton sheets, you know how incredible they are. We use them, so should the baby, too? I am big on natural and white for sheets, towels, etc. I’m not sure why, but there is just something clean and, well – natural, about those colors. So these organic cotton sateen sheets in natural are perfection to me! Soft, smooth, light and comfortable. They cost an arm and a leg most places, but Organic Echo has them at the best prices I’ve seen. Every bedroom should have a set.

Bolga Basket

The Bolga Basket from Organic Echo is one of my favorite things ever! I love throwing in a unique piece or a splash of color in unexpected ways. This piece is both. This gorgeous basket could serve so many purposes: a decorative basket on a shelf, magazine holder, a fun bread basket, and so much more. This basket is gorgeous, ethnic, colorful, and fun! It is both useful and decorative. It is a great piece for any home.

Organic Cotton Wash Cloth

I knitted up a few of these for Christmas gifts, but these are WAY better and far less expensive! You should be using organic fabrics anyway, but especially on the cloth washing your face and body. At only $4 each, there is no excuse not to buy at least one for every member of your family. Organic cotton is so soft and it is not harsh on sensitive skin. Organic Echo carries several items just for the bath.

One of my favorite things about this shop? It is a mom-business. I LOVE supporting family- and mom-owned businesses, and the customer service from Organic Echo is exactly why! I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company.


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle and consuming organically made products is the best decision one can make, especially for kids. But living ‘Green’ need not be boring and simplistic. Nature is full of vibrant colors and intricate patterns. But most people find it difficult to buy natural products which are stylish, colorful and unique. We at Organic Echo are dedicated to bring vibrant, fashionable and stylish products for your natural lifestyle choices.

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this post. We were provided with some items to review (which does not include all of the items mentioned above), but this in no way affects our opinion of these products/this company.

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  1. Dear Rhiana,

    We appreciate your luv for our products! Thanks for the wonderful feedback and review.

    OrganicEcho will love to delight your readers with its GREEN products and exceptional Customer Service…

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