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May 25th, 2010 by Rhiana

Home Fashion Guide

One of the most fun parts of being a homemaker is the making of the home. It is more than just decorating though, isn’t it? It is choosing the dishes to serve a homemade meal upon, the table at which your family will eat, the chairs upon which they’ll sit, the rug you’ll have to clean after baby spills, the highchair baby will spill from, and well … you get what I’m saying.

I am very choosy when it comes to my family, aren’t you? But we can’t all afford the most high-end, expensive items out there. I certainly can’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have beautiful and quality goods for our homes. As I discover home essentials and home fashion items, I’ll be sharing them with you. A great deal will certainly make HH Home Fashion news, too. Be sure to share your favorite home items, too. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or email them to me.

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