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April 26th, 2010 by Rhiana

What to Sew When You’re Expecting by Leigh Ann Tennant of The Object Project


One of my go-to blogs for crafty inspiration is The Object Project. Leigh Ann Tennant is amazing crafty and I was thrilled that she offered a guest post when I tweeted my need for help over the coming weeks. Leigh Ann also has an Etsy shop, Strawberry Truffle, where you can purchase her lovely patterns and books. You should definitely check it out!


Finding out you’re carrying a child is the perfect time to begin learning how to sew or sharpen the stitching skills you already have! If you start in your first month, by the end of your pregnancy, you’ll have become a semi-seasoned seamstress and will have tons of homemade goodies to welcome your child into the world!

Here’s a sample stitching schedule to keep you on track, starting with easy projects and progressing to more intermediate things to try when you’ve become comfortable behind your machine.

Month 1: Burp Cloths
Simple rectangles- easy peasy. You can finish several of these in one sitting.

Month 2: Bibs
Coordinate fabrics with your burp cloths for fashionable feedings!

Month 3: Receiving Blankets
Make these out of snuggly flannel for cozy swaddling.

Month 4: Washable Breast Pads
Simple little circles. Saves tons of money and waste for the nursing mom!

Month 5: Belly Buddy
Fill a fabric rectangle with rice to warm and lay on baby’s tummy to soothe gassiness or colic.

Month 6: Changing Pad
An easy project to make changes on the go as quick and clean as possible!

Month 7: Laundry Bag
You’ll be surprised at the amount of dirty laundry such a tiny little body can generate! Make the task a little more pleasant with a bag in a pretty print.

Month 8: Baby Quilt
If you’ve never quilted before, take this opportunity to try your hand at this ageless art.

Month 9: Diaper Bag
These can be as simple or custom as you like. There are a lot of great patterns out there for tote bags that will allow you to carry all baby’s necessities in style! Look for one designed by yours truly in an upcoming issue of Sew Hip Magazine!

At your first pre-natal visit you may be shocked to learn that most women carry a child for 40 weeks. That adds up to 10 months- not the traditionally thought of 9. Use these extra weeks to create nursing pillow covers, wash cloths and hooded towels, play mats or even economical cloth diapers!

Fabric designer, author, and mother of 6 (yes 6!) Anna Maria Horner has a second book, Handmade Beginnings, due out May 3. This book will include patterns and instructions for 24 baby projects designed by a mom definitely in the know! It promises to be the perfect starting point for your maternal stitching journey!

Whether you sew up tons of baby goods or just one project, creating something for your child by hand allows you to give him or her more that just a bib or a blanket. It enables you to pass on a legacy of creativity that will be a part of their lives for years to come

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