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April 9th, 2010 by Rhiana

Fun Bag for Girls


I often find something cute online that I want to make and I bookmark it in my Crafts folder to come back to when the time and feeling is right. This bag from The Object Project is one of those bookmarked items that was just waiting for the right opportunity to be crafted. Easter was that opportunity. This summer I will be sure to make one with the help of my oldest (who is 8 years old), but this one had to be a surprise!

Honestly, this was not difficult to make. I did 2 things differently – (1) I used metal bracelets in fear that plastic ones would last all of an hour at our house; and (2) I machine sewed the whole thing (hand sewing requires 2 hands and patience – neither of which are readily available for me as the baby sat in my lap the whole time). Otherwise, I followed directions well and I think they turned out pretty cute. I did, however, accidently cut the blue fabric the wrong way – oh well. The kids didn’t notice and it still looks pretty cute.

This would be a great beginner project or mommy-daughter project for a school break or weekend. Perfect for quick and adorable results!

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One Response to “Fun Bag for Girls”
  1. These are adorable! The girl I mentor (she’s 7) has mentioned “wishing” she could make her own bag. I may have to start this and let her finish it, since I can’t drag a sewing machine into her school.

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