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April 23rd, 2010 by Rhiana

Coming up …

This blog is more of a resource for other busy moms than it is an outlet for me. It takes a lot for me to air anything personal in public – I have to be really angry to say something ugly, really hurt to cry in front of anyone, etc. It will be a rare moment when I break down in front of anyone. However, I feel that I must share the following information with you. So that I will get it out. So that I can lean on y’all. So that you can understand my coming absence.

My grandmother is dying. We don’t know how long we have left; but it isn’t long, I know that. My grandma has always been like a second mother to me. She was where I ran when I ran away from home as child. She is the one who instilled a love of sewing and shopping in me. She is the one who taught me it was ok to drive a little faster and laugh a little louder. Needless to say, this is probably the saddest moment in my life. I don’t think I have ever cried so much as I have over the last week.

I am going to take whatever time I have left and spend it with her. I want to soak up every last memory, moment, smile, laugh, cry, and hug that I can with this wonderful woman.

I have a number of reviews to finish up and get out to y’all – some good stuff you’ll want to hear about. I want to get the info out to all you wonderful readers, and I will as time allows. My blog is (and all of you are) very important to me, but you know family must come first. My family has and always will be my number 1 priority. Now more than ever, though, I have to be with my family. So, I have lined up some wonderful guest posts for all things “Hurried Homemaker”. I know that you all will love what I have in store for you and you’ll get to discover some great new blogs in the process.

Stick with me, enjoy what’s coming, and I will be back.


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6 Responses to “Coming up …”
  1. thinking about you and your grandma, I am sure its a hard time right now and you take all the time you need.

    thoughts and prayers your way!

  2. My thoughts are with you. I was hoping there was a happier reason you were taking a break. Happy for you that you have had a wonderful relationship with a loving and special grandmother.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. My thoughts are with you Rhianna. I hope you get to spend some wonderful moments with your grandmother.

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this hard time. Enjoy every moment you have together!

  6. Oh Rhiana! I am so sorry for this difficult time you are going through. Like you, I am very close with my grandmother and simply can’t imagine the day when she will be gone. You MUST do what your heart tells you to do…..having no regrets is so important during times like this.(I lost my Dad at the age of 57 several years ago)- I made it a priority to be there for my Mom and with my Dad until his very last breath. I know you are and will be in pain, but we will all be here waiting for you……hug your grandmother, sit with your grandmother, tell her you love her, but please do not forget to take care of yourself…. Big HUGE warm and fuzzy hug to you!!

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