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March 18th, 2010 by Rhiana

Spring Fashion Guide: Best Baby Organics Monkey Pants

Springtime is the perfect time for a loose, comfy pant for your little one. Whether they’re crawling or running, you will love these perfect little smooth cotton (formaldehyde-free!) pants for your babe.

The Japanese Monkey Pants from Best Baby Organics are one of the cutest ways I can think of to cover your tot’s tush! These little smiley-bum pants are perfect for play! We pair ours with a simple white organic cotton tee and some cute shoes and get so many “Oh how adorable!” comments. (Of course that could be just about the babe …)

Lil’bit perks up when I say, “Let’s put on our happy bum pants!” She loves to run to the mirror and look over her shoulder at the smiley face across her adorable little tush! As you know, we are big fans/users of the gDiaper, which is a bulkier diaper. The Monkey Pants have plenty of room in the rear, whereas many other pants are snug over them (unless you go up a size).

The Monkey Pants come in a great variety of colors/color-combinations as well as 4-piece sets.

Best Baby Organics provided a pair of Monkey Pants for lil’bit to try our in order for the Hurried Homemaker to do a review. This in no way affected our opinion of this product.

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3 Responses to “Spring Fashion Guide: Best Baby Organics Monkey Pants”
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  3. I love the girl’s styles they have here! Definitely one of my favorite lines for babies :)

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