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March 3rd, 2010 by Rhiana

Organic Fibers: The Basics

A baby’s skin is precious and sensitive. Think about it – they come stright from the protective womb into an environment that is shockingly harsh. Bright lights, clothing, diapers, etc. Whoa, what a change! Both my girls have sensitive skin, which is one of the many reasons I try to buy as many organic products and fibers as possible – for all of us. (How else can you get cuddly with a sensitive-skinned little one?) I will get into products in another post, but today let’s dive into the discussion of organic fibers.

The most common organic fibers are: wool, cotton, bamboo, hemp, and soy.

So, why and how are these fibers better for you and your kids?

First off, to be considered organic, there are several requirements (these are also great reasons organic is better for you):

  1. it must be produced according to federal standards
  2. no parasites used on sheep for wool
  3. no pesticides used on plants for fibers
  4. grown with little environmental impact

Now, we all know about cotton and wool, but what about the others? What is so special about these particular fibers? Besides the fact that they’re all easily compared to the softness of cashmere, here are a few other great qualities …

Bamboo: wicks moisture away from the skin, can kill odor-causing bacteria, is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and is great for sensitive skin and those allergic to fabrics made from wool or hemp

Soy: is durable and strong, wicks moisture away from the skin, retains warmth, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t wrinkle, can kill odor-causing bacteria, and provides natural UV protection

Hemp: is strong, breathable, lightweight, inexpensive, and provides natural UV protection

So, now that you know what’s cool about all these, you’re probably wondering where to get stuff made from these fibers. Well, the Hurried Homemaker Spring Fashion Guide is coming up soon, and you will find most (if not all) of these fibers listed. I guarantee that you’ll find my choices as adorable as they are safe on the wallet and the envrionment!

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