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March 12th, 2010 by Rhiana

3 Gadgets Every Kitchen Should Have

Whether you cook a lot or not, couldn’t you use a few things in the kitchen to help move dinner along? Here are 3 gadgets that I couldn’t live without in my kitchen:

A mandolin slicer, like this one by OXO, runs about $70. But let me tell you it is worth every penny. This perfect little gadget helps get those even slices of everything from cheese to eggplant. Use this little guy for the perfect onion rings or thin slices of veggies for lasagna. You’ll never go back to the cutting board and knife again!
The Cuisinart hand blender is a tool that I didn’t think I needed, until I had one. There are 3 attachments: a blender, a chopper, and a whisk. I admittedly never use the whisk because I prefer to whisk by hand. But the other 2 attachments make the $60 price tag worth it! The blender attachment is perfect for sauces, dressings, and milkshakes. And I couldn’t make homemade salsa or guacamole without the chopper attachment!
And who doesn’t already own a crock pot? Most people probably have one, but rarely use it. I have owned one since I got married, but must admit that I never really used it until about a year ago. I figured out some great recipes that I could use it for and now I try lots of new ideas out too. I use my crock pot almost once a week now! I will be sharing some great crock pot recipes for you to try.

Are there some kitchen tools/gadgets that you can’t live without? Which ones?

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