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February 20th, 2010 by Rhiana

First Birthday, Handmade

Turning one is a special occassion that requires a special gift. A little one in the family will be turning one soon. I decided to make a book of animals for her. It was simple, but time consuming with canvas pages, felt animals, embroidered details, and iron-on words. This was my first attempt at something like this. It has inspired me to make a series of books when I find the time. I want to do Barnyard Animals, Animals that Swim, Jungle Animals, and Things that Fly. I think it will be lots of fun!

Here is the result:

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3 Responses to “First Birthday, Handmade”
  1. Oh, what a wonderful and personal idea. Just so special!!

  2. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to find an excuse to make another! :)

  3. Love it! Such a fun project.

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