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February 8th, 2010 by Rhiana

A Valentine Fortune


I was looking for something different and creative to do for the oldest’s Valentine Day cards for the oldest’s class at school. I wasn’t in a creative mood, and realized I needed to get it together and fast if I was going to get it all done on time. So, I of course headed to for ideas. I found this great idea for a Valentine fortune cookies:

They were a breeze to make! I used a Tupperware dish for the circle template – super simple. I did not use ribbon over the floral wire, though – I used more felt (fewer supplies to buy and it used more of the felt up). So, here is a quick photo step-by-step of these little felt lovlies:

Like I said, these were super-easy to make! Get the exact directions from Martha’s How-to.

Then I made this little barrette from leftover felt and some embroidery thread as practice for an upcoming gift project:

What are you crafting for Valentine’s Day?

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One Response to “A Valentine Fortune”
  1. Those are very cute! I’m making cards for my friends, since I don’t have kids. :) And, really, what adult doesn’t love getting mail that doesn’t involve a bill? Pictures to come on my blog at some point this week….

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