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January 19th, 2010 by Rhiana

Why Buy Organic Foods?

I mentioned before (in my first post this year on organics) that I would touch on the subject of WHY organic food is better for you and your family. While I realize that not all of our groceries can be organic (that wouldn’t be practical – even I love my Hershey bars!) we can all strive for healthier ingredients. Buy organic where and when possible. I shop weekly at my local farmers market – buying all my family’s fruits, veggies, dairy, and meats organic. And, believe it or not, because almost all of my groceries are purchased at my local farmers market (most by local farmers) I actually don’t pay more!

Ok, so here is the WHY of it all … are you ready?

why organic food is better for you & your family:

  • grown without conventional pesticides or chemical additives
  • animals raised without antibiotics and growth hormones
  • often helps local economy, especially when buying from local farmers market
  • richer in antioxidants and nutrients
  • more flavorful and brighter in color
  • animal products richer in poly-unsaturated fats
  • not modified genetically

Ok, so that’s all fine and dandy, but now you need to know this …

why pesticide-free is better:

conventional pesticides have been linked to …

  • cancer
  • fertility problems in men
  • fetal abnormalities
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • higher body weight in children

… and this …

why additive-free is better:

additives like food coloring linked to …

  • allergies
  • headaches
  • hyperactivity
  • growth stunts

So, go … find your local farmers market. Don’t wait another week to put the healthiest, most nutritious foods in your kids’ bodies!

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8 Responses to “Why Buy Organic Foods?”
  1. Another great alternative to farmer’s markets are Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. Many of the programs offer 100% organic produce, all from local farms. You get to support local business and get a discount on your weekly produce. I used to get two huge reusable bags overflowing with delicious, organic, locally-grown produce each week for only $30. So check out your local CSA program.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the great tip, Chrystal! I’ll definitely try that.

  3. Great post and oh so true. Mind if I link to it on my blog?

  4. I would love for you to! Thanks! And I might need to try out your Italian Chili ( recipe!

  5. I went to a breast cancer awareness dinner 2 years ago that talked about studies linking hormone and pesticide levels in our food… leading to earlier puberty in young girls… putting them at a higher risk for breast cancer! ;) I find it hard living on one income to buy all organic… If one can not afford to go ‘all organic’ … you can find lists that offer top recommended organics… like fruits and veggies that are not easily washed. ;) Great post, thanks!

  6. Kat @ says

    Love your blog. I’ll be back for sure. Our blogs are semi-similar; I’d love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec! Thanks!!

  7. I love the farmers market and also do most of my shopping durning the spring to fall with them and supplementing with my CSA! I have told others I will give up cable and my data plan on my iPhone before I ever stop buying organic, its just too important to me!

  8. You’d give up your data plan and iPhone?? Wow, that’s a bold statement!!

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