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January 13th, 2010 by Rhiana

Slow Cooker Curry Turkey

Two Tuesdays a month, the oldest has Girl Scout meetings – which means that I have to cook dinner early in the day or put something in the crock pot. I’ve never been much of a crock pot cook, until these Girl Scout meetings began. So, I decided I better start using my slow cooker and getting creative. I don’t see why a meal from the slow cooker should taste any less delicious than one made at hand. I tried this out last night and it was quite a hit with the whole family. Hope you like it!

* Update (09/06/2011) I recommend using coconut milk in lieu of cream of __ soup – much healthier and much more tasty!

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One Response to “Slow Cooker Curry Turkey”
  1. Yummy! I love Curry… and I am always looking for ways to ‘spice’ up our curry menu!! ;)
    I will give it a try… I would have never considered curry with cream of mushroom! One day
    I will post my Curry Chicken & Broccoli recipe! comfort food~ Thanks! Two Thursdays a month my oldest is in Girls Scouts… how old is your oldest? ;) Please stop by to check out my brand new blog site… I am a baby blogger… only 5 days old… I hope to incorporate food, nutrition, recipes, organization tips (not that I am organized!!), etc. etc.! I look forward to following you!

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