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December 8th, 2009 by Rhiana

Tackling Timely Cards a la Jack Cards

I am admittedly the WORST when it comes to greeting cards. I always remember at the last minute that I need to get one, rush to the store, and rush through picking out a paper card. This is not my idea of proper card giving, mind you, but after 2 children my mind isn’t what it once was. I have trouble remembering everything!

I pride myself on picking the perfect gift, but I always fall short on the card. Where are all those fantastic cards that perfectly complement that perfect gift? Where is that perfect card to send during tough times to a friend, graduation to a cousin, etc? Well, we can all look no further than a click away:

It is so simple! Create an account (for FREE). Upload your contacts. Pick your cards.

The cards to choose from are incredible! I was amazed at the selection and quality online. Then I wondered – would the cards look as nice in person? So, I chose this cute card for my little darling’s upcoming 1st Birthday:

It was actually far more beautiful in person than on the computer screen – thick paper, rich colors, glossy finish. And enclosed with the card is a lovely sheet of paper including who the card is for and the address to send it to (or they will address it for you)! The only downside? (A) I thought they used too much paper to protect the card – luckily my oldest is using it for art; and (B) I haven’t noticed a place on the site that saves the cards previously chosen.

What a fantastic idea! I can now find the perfect birthday card, anniversary card, graduation card, holiday card … the perfect anytime card! I will now always have a fabulous greeting card forany occasion.



Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this review. we did recieve a card of choice but this in no way affected our opinion or review of this product/company.

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