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November 5th, 2009 by Rhiana

Green Your Shopping

No, I’m not referring to just buying organic and/or recycled products, though that is an excellent thing to do!  I am talking about a few other ways to green your shopping:

  1. Limit your trips.  Go to the grocery store once a week (or less, if possible).
  2. Have several errands to run?  Try to do them all at once and at stores that are in close proximity to one another.
  3. Take reusable bags with you!  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of limiting the usage of plastic bags.
  4. Forgot your own bags?  Don’t beat yourself up!  Take those plastic bags to a plastic bag recycling location near you. (Find one!)
  5. And of course – buy local, organic and recycled!

Want cool reusable bags?  You could make your own.   Too busy for that?  (Me too!)  I’ve been using Envirosax that I bought on  They’re cool looking and fairly inexpensive.  I can fit a LOT of groceries in them!  Matter of fact, all my groceries fit in my 5 bags.  If I’m buying more than usual, I take along a basket for those bigger items.

Hurried Homemaker was in no way compensated for promoting Envirosax or  This is simply my honest opinion of this company/product.
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3 Responses to “Green Your Shopping”
  1. I keep all my reusable bags in my trunk just to I never forget!

  2. great tips! we go to commissary once a month and will buy stuff in bulk….:) thanks for sharing….will try to find the recycling bag location place in our area.

    btw, thanks for casting your vote and for supporting my daughter…much appreciated!

    btw, I would like to ask a favor if you could help us vote for my daughter…if you have time….your help is much appreciated….thanks!

    * Please Vote for Akesha
    Note: You can cast your vote and comment everyday. Thanks!

  3. [...] box the noodles came in, the plastic thingy from new socks … You name it, we recycle it!  (Remember last week when I told you not to forget to recycle those plastic bags?) Most counties have recycle pick-up that doesn’t require that you separate glass, aluminum, [...]

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