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October 27th, 2009 by Rhiana

Review: All Natural Necco Wafers®

On Friday of last week, I received a bag of All Natural Necco Wafers® for our family to try.  I opened the box and the oldest asked, “What’s that?”  When I explained that it was candy for us to taste, of course she had to try them first!

It has been a long time since I have had these little treats.  And the last time I did, I was too young to care what was in them.  Now I certainly care that my family [mostly] eats foods that aren’t loaded with “fake” ingredients.  So, I was surprised that Necco Wafers® was made with all natural ingredients.  Seriously!

The wafers are still the original eight flavors: orange, lemon, lime, clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice, and wintergreen.  The same as when I was a kid.  I would see how slowly I could eat them as a child.  (Necco® claims it takes 40 minutes to eat a roll.)  At our house chocolate, wintergreen, and orange won the flavor contest.  Honestly, none of us were fans of the licorice (that is one of those flavors you love or don’t – we don’t).

Interesting Fact from the Necco® website:

The U.S. Government requisitioned a major portion of the production of NECCO Wafers during World War II. The candy doesn’t melt and is practically indestructible during transit, making it perfect for shipping overseas to the troops.

Did I mention that these tasty little treats are FAT-FREE?  I was very pleased to find this out as I have been snacking on them while cooking dinner every night since I received them!

I haven’t bought Halloween candy yet, because if I had it would be gone already.  But later this week when I do, I think I will include All Natural Necco Wafers® in the candy bowl.

All Natural Necco Wafers® are available at Walgreens, and you can find them on Twitter!

Hurried Homemaker was not compensated for this review.  We did receive complimentary products from the company.  However, this review is my honest opinion of this brand/product.
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