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October 1st, 2009 by Rhiana

Re-deux (Part II of Re-do)

I have been daydreaming about redecorating my house, or what our next house should look like. I dream of a simple, European vibe with traditional and eccentric accents throughout the house. And I’m having wallpaper obsessions right now. Wallpaper and paint are easily changed, so I think that is why I am daydreaming of simple furnishings with wild walls and accents.

I seriously want these stairs:

Wallpaper stairs (found on

Wallpapered Stairs (found on

And one wall of this in my dining room (not sure why):

Iris in Fushia Wallpaper (Flavor Paper)

Iris in Fushia Wallpaper (Flavor Paper)

And I covet this sofa:

Djordys cool vintage sofa

Djordy's cool vintage sofa

Sure it’s probably hard to imagine, but I am seeing it all … and it looks fabulous (in my head)!

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One Response to “Re-deux (Part II of Re-do)”
  1. While I love the stairs (so cool – I don’t think my husband would go for them, though) and the paper for the dining room is gorgeous…..I have spent countless hours tearing wall paper down in our kitchen and bathrooms. It gives me nightmares. And while I think the examples above are gorgeous, I’m not sure I could ever allow wallpaper in my house again :)

    But, that sofa? I’d invite it into our rec room any day. I need a sofa for that room!

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