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September 23rd, 2009 by Rhiana

Well it is Wednesday …

… and I got very little done yesterday, unfortunately. I made a trip to the yarn store, which was unsuccessful. After about 30 minutes there, the oldest was bored and tossing some beanbag in the air (which she knows better than to do) and the baby was pinching me incessantly! I finally just decided that I should go back another day. So, I did laundry instead. Lots and lots of laundry. So you can imagine what a fun day it was!

Now it is Wednesday and I can revel in the oldest going back to school, the house being a little cleaner (and quieter), and the fact that I can post a picture for Wonder-filled Wednesday that makes me smile. Have a beautiful Wednesday, folks! :)


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2 Responses to “Well it is Wednesday …”
  1. You have a super awesome Wednesday as well. High point for me…this is the LAST night of a 7 night 12 hour shift rotation in the Emergency Room…off for 7 whole days!!!!!

  2. SHMILY! Happy Wednesday!

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