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August 25th, 2009 by Rhiana

Tackle-it Tuesday

Allow me to be perfectly candid with you … last Tuesday, I never got those napkins done.  I told myself that I had to, especially since I put it out there for the world-wide-web to hold me accountable.  But I still didn’t!  I got a little flighty and forgot about the napkins, but I did get something else crossed off my outstanding projects list so I feel like I did get something “tackled”.

What did I actually get accomplished?  Well, if you’re following me on Twitter, then you’ve already seen that I finished the pillows (pillow and zippered pillowcase) for my living room chairs.  I’ve been meaning to get those done for quite a while now.  So, my husband and I are both thrilled to see a project Xed off the long list!

pillow2 pillow1

Today I may or may not get anything tackled.  There’s a teething baby here wanting to be held or paid attention to 24/7.  I’m hoping to get some blinds hung, but I’m pretty sure that this little monkey is not about to let that happen.  So the actual goal for this Tackle-it Tuesday?  Tackle being a good mom while attempting to keep up with the daily house duties.  After that, we will see what gets accomplished.  But I’m learning that its ok not to set lofty goals all the time – sometimes you just have to say to yourself “I’m going to bust my ass at being the best mom I can be and that is enough of a goal for today.”

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