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July 16th, 2009 by Rhiana


What has happened to teaching kids discipline and respect?

We went to the pool today and were overrun by kids with no manners, respect for others, or discipline.  Today isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this pattern, oh no.  I notice it everywhere I go.  Kids talking back to their parents.  Kids disobeying their parents.  Kids being disrespectful to others.  All the while their parents sit aside and do nothing.

My kids aren’t perfect (who’s kid really is?), but I can tell you that my daughter knows that there will be repercussions to any disrespectful behavior – to me or anyone else.  I hope that the baby girl follows in Sister’s footsteps.  I am all for a more laissez-faire parenting technique … but don’t you think that should still involve teaching basic manners?

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