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July 12th, 2009 by Rhiana

Pool fun and tan lines

The kids love the pool, and I must admit to enjoying it a lot too. The fresh air, hot sun, and cool water are good for the mind and body. Since the weather has been so nice here, we’ve been making a lot of trips to the neighborhood pool.

After 2 days at the pool, I’m sporting serious Mommy tan lines. The baby loves the water and gets so worn out an hour in that she falls asleep. In an effort to prevent too much sun, I’ve been covering her with a towel while she sleeps on me. Now I have no obvious sun on one shoulder and a handprint on the other, along with the lines from my swimsuit. It is incredibly strange looking, but I’ll call it my Mommy-tan. As if the newfound weight, perma-ponytail, and wardrobe of sweats weren’t enough of a neon sign flashing “Mommy” … I have a new badge to add.

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