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July 14th, 2009 by Rhiana

Going Green-er

Since becoming a Mommy almost 8 years ago, I have made efforts to be more “green”.  We now have reusable bags for shopping, use all non-toxic cleaning supplies, eat mainly organic, etc.  I’ve managed to lessen my family’s footprint, but I think we can do better. I will post my projects – their progress, success, or failure. I hope you will share yours with me too!

First Project: Eliminate paper napkins

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5 Responses to “Going Green-er”
  1. [...] took the kids to the fabric store yesterday to get a start on my First Project.  We found some great simple (tan/white) coordinating fabrics.  But I couldn’t stop there [...]

  2. I began our elimination of paper napkins right around Christmas time. I bought lots of fabric napkins on clearance at Target and Pier 1. They were much cheaper than even making them. I also made a really pretty bowl to hold the napkins.

    The napkins are not only earth-friendly, but they’re pretty and I get to accessorize with napkin rings!!

  3. You made a bowl!?! I would love to see that … share a pic with us please.

  4. [...] Tuesday, I am finally going to tackle the napkins that I was going to start a while ago!  What will you tackle today? Rhiana in Tackle-it Tuesday [...]

  5. I totally forgot to check back here after I commented, until I stumbled across it today. The bowl I made in my ceramics class can be seen on this post:

    I love it….and we actually use the cloth napkins!

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