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July 8th, 2009 by Rhiana

“g” I’m in love!

I love these gDiapers!  Love, love, love them!  Do you have any idea how much less garbage there is with these?  No need for stinky diaper pails, 8 bags of garbage Tuesday morning, or the guilt of adding to landfills.  Eco-friendly and cute as can be -  these people are genius!  Did I mention you can compost the wet ones?  They just came out with cloth inserts too (which I haven’t tried yet).

Has anyone tried them?

My little monkey her favorite color

My little monkey in her favorite color

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One Response to ““g” I’m in love!”
  1. [...] to run to the mirror and look over her shoulder at the smiley face across her adorable little tush! As you know, we are big fans/users of the gDiaper, which is a bulkier diaper. The Monkey Pants have plenty of [...]

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