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July 5th, 2009 by Rhiana


We just started on solids for Baby about 2 weeks ago.  At 6 months old, this is about 2 months later than our older daughter began.  Its amazing how different the protocol is 7.5 years later!  (I know, we really spaced these kids out didn’t we?)

This little darling insists on trying to feed herself … she takes my hand and guides it to her mouth (as if I don’t know where it is supposed to go).  She’s already beginning that control-freak-like behavior, much like her Mommy!  Anyway, the result of her controlingness was a face covered in avocado, and a great big grin!

We first tried rice cereal (which I realize has no nutritional value) but all we got were MAJOR gas pains.  So, I decided that we should just wait a while and go straight to food when the time came.  The first food was avocado, followed by banana.  Avocado was, and is still, loved – banana, not so much.  Apples have been thoroughly enjoyed this week, and it seems as though they work wonders on the digestive tract!

What was your first food experience like?

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