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July 28th, 2009 by Rhiana

Clogged ducts and long days

Today seemed to just go on and on and on …

It started at 4am when I woke up with a clogged milk duct, which is excrutiating!  I tried warm compresses – nothing; a hot shower – nothing; pumping – nothing!  I tried all the “remedies” for almost 2 hours!  Finally, at 6am I woke the baby urging her to “please eat”.  That relieved a good bit of the swelling, but at 10pm I am still a little swollen and sore.  This was far worse than being engorged.

The baby is teething and today was just not a good day for her.  She fussed a good part of the day, which is very unlike her.  When she wasn’t fussing, she was yelling to either me or her sister for attention.  It can be humorous, but on little sleep with a swollen and sore breast, it gets a little old after the first few hours.

I did get a small project accomplished today though!  I had an old mirror in the garage that I wanted to re-purpose.  I had some teal-ish spraypaint and decided to go for it.  I need to apply another coat tomorrow, but I think it will look good when it is finished.

And I took the kiddos shopping for a little bit today.  I needed to get out of the house and I had seen a dress for the baby that I liked when I was out with my MIL on Friday.  The oldest also wanted another pair of shorts before school starts.  Since there was a big sale, I went.  The oldest was thrilled with her new threads and the dress was ordered in baby’s size and will be sent to the house next week (what a great service!).

I think I will go work on some knitting now … more later.

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